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by Earl E. Pinney

There are times in our lives when the consequences of certain choices we make stand out more than others. Those are the times when, in essence, it seems like the world has stopped to see what we will do. It feels that way because we really have no clue what to do. Some of us instead of asking for help or praying for guidance choose to figure it out on our own. Unfortunately sometimes that’s the way many of us have to learn.

This book explores the life of a young man that ran the streets hard and came to a point in his life where he needed to make some changes. You see he was infected with a disease…a disease called “Street Life”. It’s a disease that many of us have had or knew someone who has/had it. Most people look at what they see and do not bother to explore where the behavior came from. Like most situations, some treat the behavior and not the source. Regardless of how the help comes we can rest assure that we’ll never be alone when we turn our eyes to God.

ISBN: 978-09855886-0-1

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