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by Charles L. Larance

The water between South Florida and Cuba was a hotbed of activity in the early 1960s. The Coast Guard’s Seventh District had to deal with anti-Castro rebels, gun runners, drug dealers, Russian trawlers, the heavy traffic of primary shipping lanes, record numbers of recreational boaters and a steady stream of Cuban refugees trying to escape Communism in anything that would float.

Lt. Commander Larry Larance, USCGR, in the tradition of service memoirs, weaves a tale of unusual adventure, sprinkled with anecdotes and experiences recounted with insight and humor.

The circumstances surrounding the missile crisis were far more serious as the confrontation between President Kennedy and Chairman Krushchev brought the country to the brink of nuclear war. The Cuban refugees exodus was both scary and heartbreaking. And, the world will never know how many were lost at sea.

If you would like to revisit that time and place, this little book offers a peek into Larance’s diary.

ISBN: 978-1-93249-691-8

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