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27 Biblical Reasons for Speaking in Tongues
by Dr. Flavis L. Burroughs, Sr.

28 Days With a Pastor
by Bishop Daniel R. Sturgill

48 Hours and Counting
by Sandra K. Whitmire

A Church Divided
by Jeanne Bass

A Critical Time Out
by Randy Ballard

A Cup of Cold Water
by Cecil Pruette

A Dime's Worth of Faith
by Rachel Quinley

A Dog Named Sam
by Beau Burris

A God-Sized Ministry
by Brian Monehan

A Journey Into Love
by W.R. Bennett

A Journey Through the Valley
by Shirley M. Parsons

A Journey to Living Waters
by Patricia A. Harkness

A Man Named Kelland & His Ministry of Joy
by Nelia Jeffords-McDaniel

A Pastor's Poetry
by Bruce Miller

Abiding Promises
by Uzziah B. Cooper

Across Alabama
by Paul Schweigert

Action on the Morning Star - Manifestations of the Sons of God
by Robert W. McConnell

After Divorce... What Do I Do With Me?
by Pamela Kay

All or Nothing
by Bobby Duncan

Apple Seeds
by Rev. Judith Lopez Coker

Attacked . . . But God Had My Back
by Flora M. Scott

Backfield in Motion
by Michael J. Riley

by George S. Peart

Basusu Jennie Book 2
by George S. Peart

Basusu Jennie Engaged Book 3
by George S. Peart

Before the Dawn
by Virginia Leigh Starner

Benchmarks for Leadership and Growth
by Robert E. Owens

Better Birthing Your Own Baby
by Cornelius Blake

Beyond the Sacred Page
by Kathy Sanders

Biblical Tales
by Mary Vertullo

Black 100 Feet
by Earl E. Pinney

Bound No More, Free To Soar
by Trish Wilkinson

Bridging the Gap
by Dennis Tanner and Bobby Duncan

Building Lives and Changing Destinies
by Bishop Mike Warwick

Call 2 Arms
by Edward McIntire

Called To Be a Guinea Pig
by Carmela Byrd

Catch The Jesus Wave
by Greg Fentress

Chosen for the Crisis Hour
by A. Alan Alaimo

Christmas The Season of Hope
by William R. Bennett

Climbing Higher, 40 Devotions for Hikers
by Lettie K. Whisman

Cobwebs in My Temple!
by Dr. Larry P. Miller & Dr. Dennis G. Godin

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!
by David Drach

Coming Back from Betrayal
by Darryl L. McCoy

Complexities Along My Life’s Journey-But God
by Wayne Heil

Conqusta Espiritual
by Herman D. Ard

Covenant of Twelve - Disciple’s Edition
by Rick Cottrell

Crisis Within Christianity
by Pastor Curt Lind

Crisis Within the Family of God
by Pastor Curt Lind

Dare to Be Strong
by Kimley D. Edwards

Defining Moments
by Kevin Adams

Destiny's Journey
by Darlene Underwood

Diagnosis Cancer: Cancer and the Other Fellow
by Vernelle B. Allen

Divine Interruptions
by Tony McAfee

Don’t Miss Your Next Promotion
by Ernest Gwinn, III

Embracing Demonic Spirits
by W.J. Perry

Emotional Intelligence Competence and Leadership Theories
by Dr. Olivia Roberts

Encounters With God
by Bonnie Tyree

Especially for Friends and Lovers
by Le Roy Snider

Excuse Me! - Seasons Outside Shalom
by Pamela Jo Sanders

Eyes to See
by Pat & Pamela Johnson

F.I.G.H.T. - Faith in God's Healing Touch
by Robert A. Rumbaugh

Faith Crossing
by Vernelle B. Allen

Faith Legacy of John L. Matthews
by E. Jack Matthews

Faith Walkers
by Teresa Norman

Faith Walkers Volume II
by Mt. Olive Ministries

Fighting the Good Fight
by Dr. O. Wayne Brewer

Fired Up in the Spirit: Sermons for Victorious Living
by Bobby G. Ross

Friendly Fire!
by Uzziah B. Cooper, Sr.

Freedom From the Taskmaster
by Mack Farley

From Cornfield to Cathedral
by E. Lamar McDaniel

From Decision to Destiny
by Dr. Michael S. Burgner

From My Apron Pocket
by Joyce Lane Rayburn

Fun With Abbreviations and Acronyms
by John Myers

Glimpses of Grace
by Lettie Kirkpatrick

God Can if You Will
by Terri Roberts

God’s Butterfly Time
by Raymond Harold Newman

God’s Deafening Silence
by Bobby G. Duncan

God’s Extravagant Grace for Extraordinary Grief
by Lettie K. Whisman

God’s Perfect Timing
by John Stetz

God’s Promises for your Children
by Mike Shreve

God, You Want Me To Do What
by Vince Tharpe

Have Church for Children
by Robert E. Owens

Heart of a Believer
by Brett Hill

Here is Hope
by Charles Kopack

His Eyes Are On The Sparrows
by Gwen Marshall

How to Help Your Child Get Ahead Spiritually and Educationally
by Candice Fern Adams

I Walked Where Jesus Walked
by Jean C. Williams

I Want to Bear Fruit!
by Chuck Quinley

If Jesus Never Came
by Phyllis J. Rawlins

In His Presence
by T.D. Mooneyham

In His Presence A Celebration of Prose and Poetry to the King
by Vickie Etherton

In Love Forever (Amoureux Pour Tojours)
by Daniel Laurent

Is My Heart Right?
by Herman (Red) Perryman

It’s Not What You Go Through. It’s How You Go Through It.
by Jerry W. Wilkes

Jail Bait
by Dr. Vernelle B. Allen, Chaplain

Jesus, The Healer
by Linda Brewer

Job - A Book of Faith and Hope
by Bunny Murphree

Journey of Faith
by Bobby G. Duncan

Joy comes in the Mourning
by Lana J. Payne

Jude - A Small Book With a Big Punch!
by Dr. David Salmons

Just Stopped by to Say Hello
by Betty Mikel

Kingdom Beyond Color
by Leonard Lovett

Lies, Liar and the Lioness
by Sandi King Kramer

Life at the Side of Jesus
by Steve Brown

Life Is Harder Than We Thought
by Bill Isaacs

Life is Something Beautiful
by Jill Beard

Life’s Daily Adventures
by Ron W. Holland

Light in the Window
by Bobby G. Duncan

Light for the Single Path
by Betty Call

Lighted Trail
by Bobby Duncan

Living the Blessing-Filled Life Now!
by Daniel J. Vassell Sr.

Lofty Dreams
by Eunice Moore

Lost Hope?
by J.L. Webb

Make Your Life Count
by Danny J. Pankey

Marriage, Home and Family
by Dr. Bennie S. Triplett

by Jayne Taylor

Miracles, Lightbulbs, and What??
by Karen Borders Weaver

Miracles ... Where’s Mine?
by Ernest L. Quinley

Miracles and Testimonies
by Mavis Murphree Laughlin

Mount Up With Wings Like Eagles
by George and Marywinn Lent

My City, My People
by Dan Rundell

My Journey Home
by Louis F. Morgan

My Testimony
by Adrien Bristol

My Time Is In Your Hands
by Joyce Lane Rayburn

Namesake Warriors
by Reba Benton

New Beginnings
by Mary Vertullo

No Deposit, No Return
by Rev. Ray M. Pratt

No Greater Love and The Last Christmas Play
by James D. Gibson Jr.

No King But Caesar
by Dewayne A. Pattie

Not Enough Tears
by Reed Martin

Nothing to Win but the World
by Bobby G. Duncan

On Borrowed Time - The Case for the Generation
by Scott Burkhalter

One Church One Voice
by Jeanne Bass

Our God: Poetry From Above
by Larry T. Buckler

Out From Under
by A. Alan Alaimo

Out of the Amish
by Clemens A. Schrock

Out of the Dungeon Into the Dawn
by Priscilla White-Abuhl

Passing The Torch
by B. Paul Jones & Bobby G. Duncan

Pray, Christian, Pray
by Wayne C. Solomon

Purpose Killers
by Dr. Rhonda J. Ferguson

Put God First
by Ramiz Khalaf

Rainbow Promise
by Alexandria Darville-Sawyer

Raining Reign
by Anna W. Hunt

Reel Peace on the Chesapeake Bay
by Carrol W. Ball Jr.

Reflections of Life
by J. Dwight Wilson

Revelations Made Clear: A Literal and Scriptural Approach to the Book of Revelation
by David M. Zornes

Revelation Made Simple
by Louie Muse

School of the Apostle - Volume 1: The Eyes of Understanding
by Jim Phillips

Seasons of My Heart
by Jackie Ducan

Sex, Romance, Marriage, and Relationships
by Craig S. Mattheson

Sexual Success and Restoration
by Earl V. Harrison

Shadowing Jesus
by Tim Oldfield

Song In The Night
by Lois Ruff

Songs of Moses
by Lois Ruff

Song of Rahab, The Scarlet Cord, From Violence to Victory
by Lois Nix

Song of Rebecca, A Song of Kindness
by Lois R. Nix

Song of the Cross
by Lois Nix

Songs of the Angels
by Lois Nix

Soteria to Soza - Cradle to the Grave
by Gary Emas

Spirit Search
by B.G. Hamon

Spiritual Conquest
by Herman D. Ard

Squad Car Angels
by Marvin Parrish

Still Small Voice
by Ralph Moore

Stop The Form
by W.J. Perry

Sunday After Sunday
by Connie Gatlin

Such A Worm As I
by Richard W. Baker, Sr. with Bobby Duncan

Tablet of My Heart
by Donna Faye Caudill

Taking Back Christmas and Other Family Celebrations
by Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress

Tears No More
by Don Wilkins

The Adventures of Buzz Beacon Buzzard
by Sherry Forrester

The Book of Light
by Bishop Henry L. Williams

The Church Member's Manual
by Patrick L. Kelly

The Cult of the Comfortable
by A. Alan Alaimo

The Curtain Rises
by Jeanette Chesser with Bobby Duncan

The Days of the Seventh Angel Revealed
by Charles S. Ruark, Jr., M.D.

The End of Time Paradox
by Jack Kee

The Eternal Kingdom
by Curt Lind

The Final Apostasy Unveiled!
by Kevin M. Hall

The Four Doves
by Darryl L. McCoy

The Great Revelation to Mankind
by H. Lewis Wood

The Island of Abandoned Dreams
by Nneka A. Gunn

The Key For A Delightful Marriage
by Uzziah B. Cooper

The Lions and the Bride
by Marianne Tioran

The Long Journey of Faith
by George C. Davis

The Mark of the Antichrist Revealed
by Charles S. Ruark, Jr., M.D.

The Master’s Call
by Wayne Booher

The Minister: A Difference Maker
by Dr. Robert White

The Mission
by Margaret Tipton

The Mother Who Weaved an Ark
by Tonya Buck Bennett

The Mystery of the Church Triumphant
by Garland Griffis

The Old Rocking Chair
by Ethel Cureton

The Omega Bell
by Bevon J. Smith

The Perryville Commuter
by Larry L. Willis

The Prosperity Gospel
by Fedlyn A. Beason

The Redheaded Boy From Tank Pond Hollow
by Henry Montgomery

The Return of Jesus
by Jacob

The Revelation
by Robert J. Hergert Sr.

The Road Map to Armageddon
by Mark Ledbetter

The Rumble in the Jungle
by Nneka Gunn

The Solution to Evil Revealed: The Millennium New Creation and Necessity for Forgiveness
by Charles S. Ruark, Jr.

The Talking Clowns
by Christine Haymon

The Talking Clowns Productions & Skits Book 2
by Christine Haymon

The Terrestria Chronicles #1 - The Sword, The Ring, The Parchment
by Ed Dunlop

The Terrestria Chronicles #2 - The Quest for Seven Castles
by Ed Dunlop

The Terrestria Chronicles #3 - The Search for Everyman
by Ed Dunlop

The Terrestria Chronicles #4 - The Crown of Kuros
by Ed Dunlop

The Terrestria Chronicles #5 - The Dragon’s Egg
by Ed Dunlop

The Terrestria Chronicles #6 - The Golden Lamps
by Ed Dunlop

The Terrestria Chronicles #7 - The Great War
by Ed Dunlop

The Warrior and the Bride
by Kathy Johnson

The Way Back
by Ron Freeman

They Had Been With Jesus
by Elizabeth & Robert Smith

They Said It Couldn't Happen…Not In America
by Doris Davis Beaver

Things That Accompany Salvation
by E. Roberts Foy

Through the Fire . . . Refined by God
by Janel Rubert

Timeless The Ten Commandments Today
by Dr. John Alexander

Tom Cat’s Adventure
by Lorene Nunley

Trading Sunshine for Rain
by Bobby G. Duncan

Tragedy to Triumph
by Janie Gaskins

Traveller - A Confederate Grey
By Beau Burris

Unbroken Circle
By Reba Grider

Understanding Revelation
by Louie B. Muse

Understanding Revelation In One Day
by Roger Miller, M.D.

Vision Greater Than Sight . . . The Key to Unlocking Your Leadership Potential
by Dr. Dwight Berry

Walking in the Light
by James M. Beaty

Walking In The Peace Where There Is No Peace
by W.R. Bennett

War in the Heavens
by Lavoy Newton

What Are We Going to Do Today, Lord?
by Mildred Hall

When Leaves Turn Under
by Kathy & Bill Isaacs

When Life’s a Herd of Chaos
by Rachel Quinley

When My Daddy Died
by B.R. Sargent

When the Fire Falls
by Wayne C. Solomon

When the One You Love Hurts You
by Patricia E. Wallace

When the Wounded Cry
by Glen M. Kramer

When You Pray
by Allen McCray

Who Is In Control?
by Renee Pooler

Will You Marry Me?
by Laki P. Kaahumanu

Yes You Can
by Pat & Pamela Johnson

Your Life In Christ
by Keith Kelley