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by Hannah Gracy

The task seemed simple enough. The young woman Elessina only had to deliver a message from the elfin king to the besieged city of Aquarius; she could even get there by using the one magic spell she knew. Once there, however, Elessina finds herself promising to accompany the spoiled Princess Cambria on an urgent quest to save Aquarius. Of course, as fate would have it, the quest would force them to traverse the entire world of Mitsuria. Things go badly from the beginning. First, the group is separated, and then, someone or something begins to kill off the members of Princess Cambria’s party. And in the back of Elessina’s mind lies the nagging thought of the doom her message to Aquarius had contained. Although Elessina scarcely suspects it at the beginning of their quest, the further she journeys, the more she becomes aware that she is different. When she discovers the truth of the gift--or perhaps curse--that she has, Elessina realizes that the fate of the world, not just Aquarius, rests on her.