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by Bobby G. Duncan

In God’s Deafening Silence, the author points out that trouble of some kind is always lurking in the shadows of our earthly existence, brought on by the tragic unfolding of events in the Garden of Eden—namely, disobedience. We can no more escape pain and suffering in this life than we can physically outrun a speeding bullet. What is so distressing at times is that God seems to be completely out of range. But is He? Faith is not about hearing God, or feeling God, or seeing God; it’s about trusting God. Real faith is not as much about believing that God will do a particular thing as it is about believing that He is God, that He exists in majesty and glory, that He is all-powerful, full of grace and truth, and always acting in the best interest of His children. It’s believing that He is always working for our ultimate good, even if we don’t understand it. We must believe, resolutely, that He has a purpose far beyond what our eyes can see, beyond what our hands can feel, and beyond what our minds can comprehend. And whatever that purpose is, God calls it good!


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