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by Uzziah B. Cooper

A virtuous woman is measured by her submission to her own husband and the values of her contributions to her children, society, and to herself. Since she deserves accolades for the qualities which flourish within her life, “her husband…praises her” (Prov. 31:28 NKJV); she is his Abigail. The husband’s dominion to lead and the grace of his wife to submit form the key for a delightful marriage, but knowing their marital seasons is important. Date your spouse and keep your marriage away from winter dreariness. Praying together provides evergreen sprouting and spring-like blooming, but be aware of hay fevers. Fall-like rust, yellow, brown, or gold signifies a marriage’s sunset. So flirt with your spouse! Make “emotional bids” the building block of emotional connection, and enjoy the harmonies of the pristine and dazzling summery skies of marriage!



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