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by: Sandi King Kramer

Have you ever felt you weren't good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or enough period?  If so, it's time for you to stop believing the lies and begin to know your truths. This book, "Lies, Liar and the Lioness", will help you discover and identify your truths.  Here is an excerpt from the book when I had to confess my lies and face my truths.      

"I realized my truths were going to kill him. I need to be honest. No one knew I had just come from the Health Department. I felt my only option was to get an abortion. I walked right into an intervention. It was confession time."  I am now a published author, keynote speaker, and certified trainer and life coach through Zig Zigler’s Education System. I am the founder of G3p - The Genesis Project -#thebeginningofsomethinggreat a mentoring program that has helped train and equip girls/women for more than 10 years. I have dedicated my life to helping people reach their highest potential and developing their weakness into strengths. I hope this book will inspire you to laugh, cry and crave to know Jesus more.  You can be free, too

His Girl,


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