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by Charles S. Ruark, Jr., M.D.

What if you knew the answers to questions that others have struggled with for centuries? How do you calculate the number of the Beast? What will the mark of the Beast actually look like? How will the end-time prophecies truly unfold? After 2000 years and innumerable volumes of written speculation, the famed “Mark of The Beast,” prophesied in the 66th book of the Bible, The Revelation To John, has remained a mystery...until now. Utilizing the “number of the Beast” which is the number “666,” the symbol of the Beast has been revealed and you’ll find it in this book. The Mark of the Antichrist Revealed, the sophomore project of Dr. Charles Ruark, offers this earth-shaking revelation and a new Biblically sound historically accurate interpretation of end-time prophecies based on simple information theory. This remarkable work also explains in pictorial form how the books of Daniel and Revelation are beautifully intertwined by an all-knowing Creator.


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