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by Nelia Jeffords-McDaniel

A devoted minister’s wife for thirty-seven years, Nelia Jeffords-McDaniel’s life revolved around Kelland Jeffords’ life, ministry, and their three children. She had a career with Bristol-Myers Squibb Company before and after his death. The author takes you into the past to see “how it was” in the earlier days of ministry. The hardships as well as victories she recalls in this book. Kelland’s commitment to ministry and his church is noteworthy. The spiritual heritage that surrounded his growing up guided him through turbulent years, influencing the man we all came to love. His enthusiasm comes alive through the pages of time and is still often referred to in pulpits across the nation. This book will make you laugh, cry, and be challenged as you take the ministerial journey with Nelia as she travels down the path of their successful ministry.



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