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by Nancy A. Lassiter

The three books in this series, One Greyhound’s Journey, A Tail of Two Brothers, and Blind Faith are all recounted from the point of view of the greyhounds. All three books provide an in depth look into the lives of racing greyhounds before, during and after their careers. Anyone who has ever had a pet will be moved by this perspective of what it must be like for the greyhounds as they are trained, become racers, and are “Petted Out” (a term in greyhound racing that refers to putting some of the greyhounds up for adoption when their careers are over). The reader will also gain insight into and respect for the organizations and people who take these dogs in and provide them what are often their first real homes. The obvious love between these people and their dogs makes these poignant stories ones that will be enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life.