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A Lifetime of Insights and Insults from Ingrates and Inmates
by David E. Crownover

A Name of My Own
by Linda M. Bartash

A Pilot’s Life: Hump Pilot and Crop Duster
by Kenneth Babcock

Africa: The Four Best Friends
by Katelyn Elizabeth Carlson

Almost a Hero
by James J. Dalton, II & P.J. Renfroe

Beyond the Poems
by Vincent Ivan Phipps

Caring Behind the Wall
by Russell R. Blair RN, Ph.D.

Cats in the Belfry
by Ellen E. Tucker

Choctaw Bluff
by Larry Larance

Coast Guard Days
by Charles L. Larance

Crises in Urban America
by Lurone Jennings, Sr.

Dare to Dream
by T.L. Black

Defying Destiny
by Henry Hills

by Linda Lee Ratto

by Larry Echols

Elessina: Royal Escort
by Hannah Gracy

Enter Eve’s Poetic Paradise
by Eve Hall

Fabrics of My Heart
by Eileen Jones Dozier

For the Children, By the Children
compiled by Raylene Baddeley

Focusing Public Negotiations on Interests
by Finn Bille, Ph.D.

Free in Mind, Enslaved in Reality
by Tony Lebron Black, Jr.

God Humbles While He Blesses
by Coretta Holmes

Go Tell It to the People
by Joy Effron Abelson Adams

Had to be Wild
by Nicole Hammett

Healing Through Poetry
by Deborah La’Sassier

Home Thoughts From a Broader Perspective
by Joe Spensley

Horses in Motion
by Linda M. Bartash

Invention: Its Art and Application
by Dr. Dale Jones

by Faith Amelia Campbell

Love is a Lighthouse
by Julie Keeter

Means of Escape
by Dolly M. Palmer

More Than Donuts
by Nancy Parker Lynch

Peavine Creek
by Lindy Thomas

Poetic Out - An Anthology
by Members of Chattanooga's Rhyme N Chatt

Proud Racer: One Greyhound’s Journey
by Nancy A. Lassiter

Proud Racer: A Tail of Two Brothers
by Nancy A. Lassiter

Proud Racer: Blind Faith
by Nancy A. Lassiter

Resurrection Documented
by Bart Saucelo, M.D.

Skidaway Scenes
by Larry Larance

Snag & Me: Harvest Time With “Mr. Handy” Henry
by Joe Johnston

Snag & Me (Book 2): Mr. “Handy” Henry’s Show in St. Louis
by Joe Johnston

Snag & Me (Book 3): Christmas Miracle in Blanchard Forks
by Joe Johnston

Snag & Me (Book 4): Flying in a Jenny
by Joe Johnston

The Empress Conspiracy
by Fletcher Ware

The Genesis Project
by Kevin Tarver

The Good Old Days, Part III
by Steve Smith

The Heretic’s Guide to Quality Assurance
by Mark S. Sexton

The House on the Hill
by Linda M. Bartash

The Uprising
by Tony Lebron Black, Jr.

The Voice of One Crying
by Mildred J. Triggs

Use It Up, Wear It Out
by Lois Pearce Jones

We Catch Them Falling
by Linda Lee Ratto and Ian Robert Mari

Where Dreams Come True
by Linda Lee Ratto

Will You Survive Armageddon
by B.G. McElwee Sr.