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by Charles S. Ruark, Jr.

God’s work of producing the new creation has begun here in those saved by Christ, will continue during the millennium, and will come to fruition in the new heaven and the new earth. “The memory that evil ever existed will eventually no longer exist. Thus, for all intents and purposes, it will have never existed to begin with. . . . The solution to evil is the incredible reality of the new creation that Christ will bring about. In that reality , there is no evil nor will there ever be, so evil dies the death of a forgotten memory.”

In addition to Dr. Ruark’s study to the solution of evil, the book contains over one hundred and sixty drawings describing the exact dimensions of Ezekiel’s millennium temple. Also there are maps of the holy district including millennium Israel.

Dr. Daniel Black, a profound theologian, states: “Surely, no one in the whole history of Christendom has produced an explanation of Ezekiel’s vision of the temple, with accompanying meticulous artwork, like that produced in this book by Dr. Ruark.”

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