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by Mildred J. Triggs

To know your identity and to know who God is to you, as an individual apart from everybody else; will make the difference, in your life. Can you imagine what life would be like without the spirit of God; a place of emptiness, cold and dark, a place of unknown certainties, a place of fear, no protection, a place of restlessness and torment, a place where I rather not be. This book is personal. If you live right and give God something to work with, He will show up and show out on your behalf; surviving when the odds are against you. As a young person, I found my life hanging in the balance; I was forced to make a split second decision to live or die. Satan assignment was to take my life. But, when I came to my breaking point, a still small audible voice spoke to me and said, “GO WRITE”. Here I am years later telling my story of how awesome God is and that He had a plan for me to be an effective witness for Him. I pray that each of you will began to seek the face of God with your whole heart.