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by W.R. Bennett

Walking in the Peace Where There Is No Peace is the third book in the series on the “Second Coming of Jesus.” It was several weeks later when Bill saw the second stranger again. He smiled, and then spoke, “Perhaps now you can see better why it took so long before you could start and then write a book on the peace Christ Jesus left here. It was for you to see that timing is not everything. “It is only by preparation, and then at the right time, that a revelation can occur. Preparation is that molding and shaping you’re always talking about, right? ... those mountains God has to move.” I knew it was a rhetorical question and nodded, but also knew by the pause He wanted more. So, I responded, “Was the coming together of so many things the prelude or crescendo? Or perhaps it was the total experience?” He smiled even more, and noted, “There are no words to describe Our Love. That’s your purpose, and even then it takes many words to create the setting, or context as you call it. Otherwise, it's like trying to create one of your paintings with a single stroke and one color. The peace Christ Jesus left here is about Our Love’s filling. You cannot know it without walking where there is no peace. You have walked there, and in His peace. Listen to He who dwells within you; to stay there.” As He turned to walk away, I knew I’d hear from Them again. Why? Because He said He would, and He always keeps His word. All praises to God!


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