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1. How much does Penman Publishers charge for its services?

If you do not choose one of our publishing packages then the cost is generally determined by the size of the book. A final charge is not agreed upon until Penman Publishers receives the manuscript and determines that the book is in the correct format and judges whether extra charges will be made for graphics or special design services.

2. Are there any hidden costs?

No. We want to make you aware, however, that if you request revisions or changes to your book after you submit it to Penman Publishers, additional fees will be charged. Also, if you cannot accept, receive or open email attachments, we charge a mailing fee to send you hard-copy versions of text galleys and cover proofs. A publishing agreement spells out all the details. You will know any conceivable charge before we begin the publishing process.

3. How long does it take?

You can typically expect to receive cover and page proofs 45-60 days from the time you submit your manuscript. This is your last chance to check your proofs and make any minor, last-minute corrections before the book is printed in final form. Understand that your book should already be proofread before you submit it to Penman Publishers. Revisions at the page-proof stage will incur additional fees. If you cannot accept files electronically, it will take an additional 2 to 3 weeks to deliver materials back and forth between you and our office. The faster you return your proofs, the sooner your book will be printed. If you do not submit your manuscript in complete and final form, if you make a lot of changes to your proofs, or if you do not return your proofs to us within 5 days, you can also expect a delay. After you sign approval of your cover design and page proofs and it is back in our hands, the book is typically delivered in 3 or 4 weeks. We ask that you wait until you have books in hand before you announce book-signing or other promotions.

4. Why should I choose Penman Publishers?

It's quick, simple, and doesn't cost as much as similar services. You just give us your manuscript and let us take care of the rest. Our seasoned staff will design an attractive, quality book.

5. How many books do I have to purchase?

We don't force authors to mortgage their homes by demanding they purchase large numbers of books. We'll print small orders within 3 weeks. Larger orders can take up to 4 weeks. Orders are normally shipped by UPS.

6. How many books do I need to sell to recover my costs?

Usually 200 copies, using normal pricing.

7. What will my book look like?

Penman Publishers books are comparable with any you might find at a bookstore or library. We use a bright, acid-free paper. Our book covers are printed on high quality, laminated stock. We can print books from 16 pages to 500 pages.

8. What about graphics?

We can include your graphics, including photographs, tables, and charts that you can submit on disk, or in "hard copy" form to be scanned. The charge for graphics is $25 per graphic for properly sized graphics we scan, or $15 for graphics that come to us on disk or CD in acceptable form. Manuscripts with graphics usually take an additional 2 to 3 weeks to format, and longer if we are scanning images.

9. Will Penman Publishers advertise and publicize my book?

Advertising and publicity is the author's responsibility. We provide limited promotions of books in advertisements, online catalogs, on Websites and more. But it's important for you to realize that how well your book sells is mostly dependent on the quality of your writing, the desirability of the book and how actively you promote it. There are no guarantees that your book will sell well.

10. Will bookstores stock my book on their shelves?

It's up to each individual store, based solely on demand. We can't promise stores will stock your book. But we guarantee that any bookstore in the country will be able to order your book, on demand, through the normal conventional publishing agents.

11. How do I pay for copies I purchase?

We accept checks, money orders and all major credit cards. Penman Publishers does not invoice authors for books purchased. Payment of 50 percent must be made when your order is placed and the remaining 50 percent when the book is ready for delivery.

12. Will my book have an ISBN?

Yes. Your book will be assigned the International Standard Book Numbers required by book sales channels to track and order your books. In addition, Penman Publishers will place a machine readable Bookland EAN barcode on your book's cover.

13. Who owns the copyright to my book?

You do. The title page will list the copyright in your name. You should contact the U.S. Copyright Office once the book is printed to register the copyright. When you wrote your book, you automatically asserted copyright ownership without any formal action on your part. Registering with the U.S. Copyright Office, which records this ownership more formally, gives you better recourse in case of infringement. For more information about the U.S. Copyright Office and copyright laws, visit their website: www.copyright.gov.

14. Who designs my book cover?

Our award-winning design staff will design your book cover for you. We take pride in designing first-class book covers. For those who choose our Platinum program, we submit 2 designs for your approval. We'll even allow minor revisions. Our artists will also design a professional back cover, including your photograph (optional). Because we offer a fast and affordable publishing service, we're unable to accommodate special requests for unique designs on the back cover of your book. See the publishing packages for options on cover design.

15. Are there any other costs associated with your service besides those explained here?

No. From time to time we offer our authors expanded marketing opportunities, but you are under no obligation to participate.

16. What other details should I be aware of?

Major Changes: For major changes (e.g., replacing or inserting lines or paragraphs), fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Your Penman representative will determine a price for major changes and guide you in how to submit them. In addition, four to six weeks could be added to the production schedule for your book.

Cover: Our artists will bring to your book all the expertise they've used in traditional publishing to create a cover that will be eye-catching and engage a reader's interest. We can create illustrations, graphics or any special photography again at an extra cost. However, our basic cover design is included in the original cost. We will design your back cover for you. You will have the opportunity to review the back cover copy, but changes may add extra cost.

Approval: When you give final sign-off on your text and cover design, we are ready to go to press and you are closer to realizing your publishing dream. After final sign-off, minor cover text changes may be made for a fee of $150, but changes to cover design will incur a fee starting at $300. Titles cannot be changed.