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Publishing your book with Penman Publishers is as easy as 1-2-3!

Publishing your book with Penman Publishers is a piece of cake. Just submit your manuscript and let us take care of the rest. Our award-winning staff will design a book you will be proud of (your friends will wonder how you did it!).

To get started, please follow these simple instructions. Please note, once we have your final draft, that's exactly what it is: final. The next time you see the book again, it will be in page proofs, at which stage only minor corrections can be made. Please take a moment to review our How It Works, Publishing Packages, and FAQs sections.

Step 1. Contact Pat Whary for further information. You can also download the Penman Publishers Contract and our Checklist online.

Step 2. Review the materials.

Step 3. Complete the contract and mail to Penman Publishers, P.O. Box 3933,1705 Overhead Bridge Road, Cleveland, TN 37311
Alternatively, you may fax to 423-478-7630.

For additional information, Contact Us