5 Tips to Build a Unique Online Portfolio

Even if you aren’t in the job market, an online website could help you land your next big client or business deal.

Generally speaking, giving away your money isn’t likely to be deemed a best business practice. However, when we’re talking about donating to a worthy cause, your business has the opportunity to grow and market itself. Doing good in your community is obviously a good thing, but there are also benefits to making donations from a business perspective. Check out these five reasons to consider donating or giving back this holiday season, along with the good it’ll do for your company.  


1. It Showcases Your Brand

Think of this giving opportunity as your virtual megaphone. Brand awareness is the recognition that occurs when potential customers and community members have seen or heard about your brand repeatedly. Think of this donation as a way to amplify your name in the community, all while keeping your business’s name top of mind.

Studies have shown that it takes 7-11 times seeing or hearing a message before your potential customers will remember the content and where it came from. Hearing about your donation or seeing your name associated with sponsoring an event is just another touchpoint to get in front of community members. 


2. You Get a Tax Deduction

Sure, this isn’t the entire reason your business should consider donating, but it is an added perk. For-profit companies are allowed to claim their donations throughout the year on their tax returns. Make sure to read the fine print and consult your tax advisor, but this is one big incentive for your business to do the right thing. 


3. It Motivates Your Employees

When your company invests in a good cause, it also shows that they’re invested in the community and the employees that work there. This is a great recruitment tool for future members of your team. In today’s world, employees want to feel good about the business they work for. If they’re putting in 40 or more hours per week, they want to know that their time is spent working for people who care.

4. You Gain Customers

Much like your employees, people do business with companies they feel are doing the right thing. Giving back could put you in the spotlight with a whole new group of potential customers. Depending on the cause(s) you choose, you’ll undoubtedly get in front of a new group of potential customers who may share the same giving interests. 


5. It’s a Good Thing to Do

There doesn’t always have to be a marketing angle to give back. After donating or sponsoring an event, you’ll feel great knowing that you made a difference in your community. Add in all of the other perks that come along with doing good for your business, and you’re sure to see a positive impact associated with the work you do. 


Making a donation this holiday season is twofold for your business. It means you get to help make your community a better place, and it also puts you in front of customers both new and old. Have a conversation with employees about a cause that’s near and dear to your heart, as well as to gather input if you’re unsure about where to give back. Involving them will help your team members become further invested in your business.

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