5 Ways to Network in a Virtual World

In this digital world, remember that you can make connections from, well, virtually anywhere! Expand your reach and discover the new opportunities and endless possibilities that come your way.

With more than 3 billion people on social media and millions of people posting, tweeting and snap-chatting every day, social media is a great place for your business to attract customers. Unfortunately, simply having accounts on the social media sites won’t take you very far. Have no fear—with some consistency and help from these social media hacks below, your business will be on its way to successfully interacting with and attracting new and repeat customers alike. 


1. Use Tags

You’ve crafted a compelling post, so how do you get it in front of the most people possible? Make sure to add hashtags and location tags. Hashtags are created by adding a ‘#’ sign in front of specific words or phrases. Make sure to hashtag words or phrases that people might be searching, and keep it concise. In addition, tagging your city or location will help potential nearby customers find your content. By using a broad location tag such as your city or area of the city, you’ll insert your business’s name into the local conversation. 


2. Partner with Other Businesses

They say two’s company for a reason. When you team up with another business, you can each gain recognition from the other company’s following. Consider teaming up for some sort of partnership where you can utilize cross promotion. Pick a business that would complement your business. For example, if you’re a local bakery, consider teaming up with a local creamery. That’s a pretty sweet example, right?

3. Hold a Giveaway

If done correctly, giveaways can help grow your social following quickly. Start by determining what you’d like to give away, whether it be a product or service. Then, set some rules for your contest. Determine how long you’d like the contest to last and how your followers should enter. One popular way to get the contest started is to encourage your followers to tag a certain number of friends and follow your account for a chance to win. Make sure to announce and tag the winner so that they reshare the post with their friends.

4. Be Active

Sometimes half of the battle is showing up. Make sure to regularly post new content, whether that be a photo, video or link to your latest and greatest blog. While you don’t have to post every single day, you should be posting weekly so that when somebody stumbles upon your accounts they know that you’re still active and ready to serve them. If you operate with a small staff, consider assigning each member a different week to post content. If that’s the case, even a staff of four people would only need to post once a month each. Share the love!

5. Vary Your Content

Nobody wants to follow a business that is all promotional all the time. Make sure to show off other sides to your business. It is a season of thankfulness, after all. Consider posting humanizing content such as thanking or highlighting your staff, showing off your fun work environment or making a joke here and there. While you’re on social media to market your business, remember that it’s called “social” media for a reason. 


It’s now time to socialize online and use what you’ve learned. Don’t be afraid to have some fun while you’re out there online. Your business will go far by staying relatable and posting often, as well as teaming up with local businesses and hosting contests. Take these social media hacks out into the world and let them work for your business.

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