Shadowing Jesus


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Disciple-makers must see people in the same way that God sees them. Too often, people are discarded, forsaken, devalued, and neglected in their world. Yet, God sees greatness in them. He sees the masterpiece on the inside that simply needs to be brought out–to be set free. The disciple-maker must respect the greatness within a person–the greatness that no one else can see–and start the discipleship process to bring the masterpiece forth.

Granted, the challenge may seem overwhelming at times because the path of discipleship is a path of discipline and sacrifice. Most certainly, it is a path of self-denial and one of dying daily. But there is just no shortcut to bringing forth the masterpiece that God has designed. Becoming disciples and making disciples is a process that requires unwavering devotion and steadfast resolve, but the end result is worth every effort and worth every sacrifice.

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