The Power of SEO for Your Marketing Efforts

The art of SEO can help your business be found in a sea of competitors! Whether you focus on paid or organic search, there is ample opportunity to get your business noticed.

Ah, evergreen. We’re not talking about the color, or the trees from which this term gets its name. In the world of marketing, evergreen refers to content that stands the test of time. It means the knowledge is relevant today, and it will still be relevant in the months to come. That also means evergreen content is something you can work on now and have in your back pocket for times when you need it in the future. Evergreen content is a necessity to your marketing plan! Let’s take a look at why you should invest in evergreen content and how to make it work for your business. 


Why Content?

First, it’s important to understand why you should be focusing on content marketing. Content marketing helps your business build credibility. When people search for answers to their questions online, they may just find your article and look more into everything you offer! It also allows you to have a bigger space to explain the benefits of products or services that you offer. Plus, the world wide web is huge, so it opens up your business to a larger audience.


Write Now, Benefit Later

When you have some free time, it pays off to think about the future. Because evergreen content remains tried and true for a long time to come, you can use down time to develop content that you can use later. Time is hard to come by in the marketing world, so there’s nothing like being able to plan ahead!


Take Time to Perfect Your Content 

Sometimes generating content happens when you’re in a hurry to get something out into the world. Evergreen content means that you don’t have to rush. Because the content is focused on something that will stand the test of time, it doesn’t matter if you post it on Monday or wait a week, because the content will still be the same, and it will be applicable. This gives you more time to focus on making quality content. 


Increase Website Traffic

As we mentioned, evergreen content simply lasts longer! That means you’re more likely to get others to link back to your content, and you can even reach out to other blogs to see if you can collaborate on articles together. You’ll have plenty of time to focus on revising, editing your search engine optimization and truly finding what works to get more eyes on your evergreen content. While timely content (such as Valentines-themed in February) works well to keep up with the times, evergreen content can be used year-round, which means more article views. 


Host a brainstorming session with your team to come up with topics that are relevant to your business and can stand the test of time. This could be the benefits of one of your top products or services, how to use one of your products or simply an article about a hot topic in your industry. Leverage the minds of your team to come up with great evergreen content ideas that will appeal to your audience!

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