Why Next Year’s Marketing Strategy Planning Starts Now

Why should you begin planning your strategy so early? We’re glad you asked. Check out these reasons to stop delaying and start planning today.

In order to become a brand that your audience knows, loves and trusts, your branding plays a major role. Consider some of the greats. Chances are, you could identify them based on a slogan, their logo or even some of their marketing campaigns. We’re talking about those that have stood the test of time, like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple and many more. All of these branding greats share the same strong foundation of a successful brand. Take a page from their book! Check out these tips to build a memorable brand just like the pros. 


1. Keep Your Logo Simple and Memorable

Nike has a simple signature “swoosh.” Apple has… well… an apple! FedEx used their name and added an arrow to the design. Some of the biggest, easiest to remember brands have been successful with a simple yet memorable logo. Consider simplifying so that your logo is recognizable yet simple enough to recall. 


2. Choose Colors that Represent Your Brand

What’s in a color? As it turns out, a lot more than you think. Colors have the opportunity to evoke feelings that you may not even realize exist. For example, purple can be associated with royalty or luxury. Blue could evoke a sense of security or even tranquility. Yellow is bright, happy and youthful. The colors you choose for your brand may be colors that make sense to you, but they should also line up with the feelings you’re trying to convey with your brand. Do the research to ensure you’re aligned with what you want your brand to stand for. 


3. Develop Your Brand Voice

Nike is inspirational. Dollar Shave Club uses humor. High-end perfume commercials speak with a sense of lust and mystery. Your brand should have a voice that you use when writing your marketing materials—from your social media to your commercials and everything in between! Decide what types of words you gravitate toward and what words you avoid. Ask yourself—if your brand voice was a person, what would they be like? Find your voice and then stick to it. 


4. Get Feedback

Sometimes those that are closest to the development of the brand can’t see the potential flaws. There have been various brand launches that have been rolled back after public feedback pointed out details that weren’t previously noticed by tens or even hundreds of people who created the brand. Your best way to combat this is to gather feedback before doing a public launch of the brand. Find people in your target audience that aren’t familiar with you and who would be willing to give you their honest opinions. That way, you know how your branding will be received before you ever launch.

5. Stick to Your Brand Guidelines

Once you’ve developed the logo, font, colors and voice, it’s important to develop rules and guidelines for using them. Then, it’s important to stick to them! Put your brand guidelines into writing and make sure anybody who will be putting your brand out into the world is well versed on the dos and don’ts associated with your branding. A consistent brand is what helps build credibility over time to help your brand stand the test of time.


The pros have done it, and so can you. These foundational steps will help you achieve the type of branding just like the successful brands you know and love. Remember to keep it simple, gather feedback and most of all, stick to your gameplan. You’re on your way to building the type of brand that is sure to stand the test of time.

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